My name is Tita

My name is Tita I hate pants: About me: Athletics- Skating, rollerblading, plyometrics, bowling, hiking,Movies – B grade exploitation films, preferably with explosions, boobs, blood and/or zombies & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindMusic – Right now it’s: Metric, QOTSA, Apocolyptica, No Doubt, Beastie Boys, Lil Wayne, Steve Aoki, Madonna & Movie Soundtracks like Whoa!! […]

SDCC/Comiccon International

Another month… Another convention! SuicideGirls Doing It SG-Style At Comic Con Submitted by SG_Blog Edited by nicole_powers by Blogbot “Comic Con + Suicide Girls = Probably one of the best weekends of my life.” – Rlei Suicide Continuing our tradition of cosplay at Comic Con, this year SuicideGirls rocked outfits inspired by a ‘historical’ character […]

Emerald City Comiccon

I made a roadtrip to Seattle, WA for Emerald City Comic Con!! Lyxzen & I dug into (what else?) Cupcakes!! Royal & Bella are OG and proud of it Bella, Cherry, Rydell, Radeo, Lyxzen, Voodou, Cruella, Royal & I Here’s an interview the gorgeous Bella and I did for KISW Seattle:Bella & Tita Suicide talk […]

Wizard World Atlanta

I went to Wizard World Atlanta with Brittan, Pthalo, Minx, Elea, Ginary, Wit, Boom,Setsuka & my partner in crime Radeo <3 Besos*Tita Ooh~ I have a few days off coming up, which of course means I’ll be spending a lot of time updating my various interweb endeavours:Follow me!Ask me!“Like” me!