Motivation Monday

#motivationmonday   “Who are you?!?”   Society is obsessed with titles, categories, and accomplishments, and when you choose not to subscribe to them, or do things in an unusual order, you’re often left on the outer limits of social circles, and even jobs.   The need to collect data, and connect like things is used to access […]

Work Out Wednesday – Focus

The Who, What, Where, When & Why of my fitness regimeFocus If you’ve been following along, then you know I have been working my way back into full scale work outs, after sustaining some injuries.  (See R.I.C.E. & Recovery Mode). Last week I was super stoked to be well enough to begin exercise again.  I wanted […]

Work Out Wednesday – Skateboarding

The Who, What, Where, When & Why of my fitness regime Skateboarding I’ve been lucky enough to do lots of super rad, scary, adventurous things in my life.  But until last weekend, I had never skateboarded.   Around the time most people step onto a board, I was busy competing in figure skating at a […]